You have a story to tell—something important to say.

You're passionate about food, and equally passionate about sharing your ideas, message, and culture with new audiences. 

Cookbooks give readers inspiration, adventure, and an escape from every day life. Your cookbook can help you connect with people who are—or will become—just as passionate as you are.


You want to give people
ways to use your products.

You'd like to produce a cookbook that will generate demand for your products and build loyalty with your consumers. 

Cookbooks can serve this most basic marketing strategy—showing uses for a product—in a way that's enduring and valuable for your customers. This kind of book makes your products part of your customer's regular cooking repertoire. 

You want to help and inspire
your customers. 

You've got people coming in your door, and you want to strengthen those valuable relationships.

A cookbook is a great way to help your customers put dinner on the table every night or explore new ways to cook—all with goods they buy from your business. A book also gives you a platform to build a loyal customer base and enduring community. 

I'm Shaun Chavis, an independent cookbook editor.
I can help you create meaningful food experiences
that influence how people eat.